For a long time it looked like the end of the road but in time, I found that miracles do indeed happen to the deserving of them never had love seemed so close and yet so far away too; but alas I know the truth it all happens when we break even till there's nothing left of us to give into. We are not the helpless ones who need defending we are the ones protecting what is truly, most important to the human race we stand when we have the need to do so without a regret in my heart; it's for us whom see others getting emotionally and physically hurt I see the difference that I can make to others who have endured all that I have over time. It comes to the breaking point when knowing that death could so, easily take you so far away from me and seeing my own heartbreak from the outside inward alas it's all that I can do to protect him; there ought to be a future for us beyond our soon to be forever will soon be at hand no matter the distance rather we're near or far this is the destiny of ours that is our FOREVER!