settle down

The first time we ever talked I told my parents about you at dinner And how I wanted to be your best friend And how amazing you are And they smiled and told me to settle down The first time we ever met Face to face My heart raced in my chest We talked late into the night I hung on to every second And when I got home I had to Settle down The day you asked me to be yours I thought I might faint My mind was a blur I think I went into shock I was so excited that I wanted to scream But I took a deep breath so I could Settle down The day you left for college I cried for so long I just sat in your sweatshirt and sobbed Unsure of what the future held for us Unsure of if we’d make it Life was changing and I didn’t know how to Settle down When you told me you loved me My heart set on fire I told anyone and everyone I couldn’t hold it in I was so excited But all my friends told me we needed to Settle down When I moved all my stuff into college I started to panic I was leaving behind all of my family And all of my friends Just to be with you I worried we were moving too fast and should Settle down My whole life I spent wondering If I was good enough And If I’d ever find my other half And I was so hurt No one ever seemed to stick I started to doubt that I would ever Settle down My whole life doesn’t seem long enough But I’m so excited for Every moment of it I am in love with being alive And being with you And I think I’m finally ready to Settle down