A small yet endless stopover town I’ve been there a hundred times or so It has new meaning now, though Now what I see is you and me It’s all big smiles and soft tears And feelings we haven’t felt in years It’s the McDonald’s parking lot The old bowling alley and bar Driving aimlessly in my car It’s the pain of my heart breaking While simultaneously healing And every repressed feeling It’s the jolt of electricity when you touch my leg And when you lay your head in my lap And squeeze my hand It’s the sound of your voice So foreign to hear “I love you” Yet so familiar, I say it, too It’s all the stories I missed And all the questions we have All the good things and all the bad It’s so strange how it feels like it’s been forever And how we thought we’d never call But also like no time has passed at all I won’t forget just taking you all in And how my breath hitched when you said “hi” And how hard it was to say “goodbye” It’s still just a small yet endless stopover town But it’ll never be the same to me Because now it holds your memory