Real life

I watch blood spill, But I don’t even flinch, I see a half-naked girl, Get slaughtered right in front of me, But I just roll my eyes and say, “I knew she was gonna die”, I see monsters destroy a person, Who came from the opposite side of the earth, Fought for their rights, Walked through wars, And get slaughtered by a butter knife, By a guy in a dollar store Halloween mask, But I just wait for the next person to die, I watch a girl have seizure, But no matter how hard I try, I can’t have the horrifying image scrubbed from my mind, I hear someone say, “Can you even read”, A tear rolls down my face as I shake with anxiety, I listen to the news, I hear how an unarmed black man, Was killed by a racist police officer, I hear how there is currently a global pandemic, I hear how there are riots in the streets, I hear of the millions of deaths every day, But all I can do is stand there, Paralyzed, Questioning what happened to humanity The reason why I fear one of these more than the other, Is not because one is more horrific than the others, It is because one of those happens in movies, And the other happens in the streets of the city, Sometimes reality, Is scarier than the movies.