You and me I don’t know What we are YES we are together So give me attention You pay attention to dirt You pay attention to the sky You pay attention to your bestfriends You pay attention to your phone You pay attention to everything else But when it comes to me No attention Look pay attention to my arms See these cuts pay attention to them And the color that’s coming out It’s RED SHINY and STICKY My hands are stuck together Like elmer’s glue I am loud Demanding ATTENTION But your being quiet Not knowing what to say or do I’m speaking words of sadness “Hey” Let me finish talking I am the girl that gets no attention from you This relationship is just broken and toxic Just like this mirror That I’m standing in front of Attention I’m begging for your ATTENTION like a lost puppy Which I am not So I walked out of this I’m better off on my own Your not giving me what I need I know what I want And this ain’t it YOU AND ME