Everything is black now A once colorful world fades to shades of grey Nothing feels real Nothing feels right I know the bright bouquets of flowers are supposed to cheer us all up To distract from the drawn out sympathies The agonizingly long silences The agonizingly long faces Everything with color in it makes my blood boil Or it would if I had the strength to care How can people wear colors today How can they not wear black I know I should be trying harder to pretend that everything is fine I do it all the time But today is different But today nothing is fine Everything flashes by in a sickening blur And yet, simultaneously, everything drags on forever Like some kind of hazy dream Like some kind of nightmare I glance at the flowers on my ankle And wish desperately that you were here instead You could make some funny joke You could make the colors come back Everything feels different Like every tear stings a little more Every breath is a little bit harder Every heartbeat is a little bit heavier I glance at the ground so I don’t have to meet anyone’s eyes An entire life can be summed up in such a short time What I wouldn’t give to hold your hand again What I wouldn’t give to hear you laugh again Everything reminds me of you All the days blend together in a quiet blur I know now that time doesn’t really heal anything I know now that we never have as much time as we think we do You brought so much color into this dull life You brought a smile of relief from the endless waves of black You are much happier now, I’m sure of it, but You are missed