In Her Sight

She grabbed her hand and held it tight Hoping that she’d never leave her sight Her excessive tears fell and made a puddle on the ground She pulled her closer and told her “Don’t go, don’t leave me, I still want you to be around” “Mama, don’t worry, I’ll come back in winter break” her beloved daughter told her And as she waits for her in the fall, her heart continues to ache Everyday of her life alone is like a never-ending earthquake She doesn’t even know how much more of this loneliness she can take But soon the snowflakes appeared, and her lawn was full of white She knew her daughter was coming soon, so she went to go pick her up from her flight When she saw her, she quickly grabbed her hand and lovingly held it tight And with a huge smile on her face, she was at ease knowing that this time, her daughter won’t leave her sight