Your liver must be in serious distress with all the lies you drink, do you really think you can filter out the dishonesty with a little bit of help from psychology? Here’s my philosophy: you see, I’ve dared to dream above what others have declared for me. I don’t need people’s admiration when I have these words to put on the walls as my declaration. I hope you remember me as something more than just a man with vanity; I promise there’s more inside this mind than the dark skies where I reside, but they welcome me. Look, all I’m saying is don’t let the devil in, he’ll try to bend the truth and make it sound like that’s what you should do, but before you decide to go down to hell with the demons and the burdens this life has given you, it’s time to face the truth: your liver is failing you, so why not change a little and pick up the pieces of your soul with power of the Holy Ghost; yeah I know this hurts the most having to face the responsibility from the faith you say you host, but you’re stuck at this crossroad of choosing the lies that are killing you or becoming the man or woman God wants you to.