*apples, mirrors, snow

i. i had a dream there were polaroids of us. developing sunken and strewn across my pink comforter. (a soft cosmos.) i saw how happy we were, you tall and in your glasses, arms around me and hunched to envelope your frame ...around mine. behold; my real smile. not where my controlled lips stiff; cover my gum line, to feign the sort of "elationship" i experienced only when we would speak... ii. shut the curtains. i don’t even want the sun to filter in through the fabric & change the tone of my pale skin. i want to stay the same, i want to be exactly as i was the day you reached across, felt me, and i touched you. iii. i hope to hold our whole world and hand it to you in my palm; even if mine crumbles. Atlas bent & crippled i am devoted to holding you up. i will not shrug. (oh, i must move on) iv. (no.) cleanse my home w. white sage & string along my bedpost bewitched apples cored. finally biting into you was like biting into an apple that hid a star. and *omitted, how i adore stars. i lose sleep surrounded by them, counting them, staring into mirror telescopes until my eyes burn and my vision blurs. i will hold you in my mind’s eye forever. i will dedicate and devote every motion onward towards the path which leads back to you. (even if it feels eerily, like eights.) (infinity.) behold infinity within the iris of your half-m∞n eyes smiling back in a beam. v. i’ll race time to the future, at the far end of our solar system. first steps cracking untouched crust of Pluto’s nitrogen snow, at the center of her heart shaped crater. look back into space as the glim of Earth is licked (--flickers) (the moment of our first kiss.) like these memories, no more than a spectacle, a twinkle, in the otherwise steady shine of Earth bathed in our Sun’s overcast light. filtered and shrunk by distance and gravity as a star--finally, a star i had never gleaned before. (oh!) how fortune smiles upon all... (who behold you, *omitted.) -six pm | *apples, mirrors, snow