You were ever so careful on that day But still the angels took you away Long gone, out of sight But never once out of my mind You couldn’t be any more careful that day Making sure the current didn’t pull you away From the ones that surround you; The ones that never even knew They didn’t see what I saw They didn’t see the scars etched in your skin Nor the ones that decorate your mind That you once brought me there to find How careful were you when you let me stay Gentle not to shatter my already broken pieces Ever so careful when the darkness led the way Lighting a fire, as danger’s song quickly ceases Ever so careful; as careful as can be But no matter how hard you fought to be free The angels still came to take someone away I would’ve done anything to make you stay But I was gone and you were away The dreadful outcome, we couldn’t say The choice you made was then too late... Resulting in your perilous fate Your presence is in everything you left behind These empty rooms are graced with your voice And those gentle words, we couldn’t find Remain unsaid, but this time not by choice You were ever so careful and now you are free And the rain still falls as if meant to be Though how much I wish you could stay Still the angels took you away