I think of broken when I think of men. As pieces to fix parts to mend. I see inspiration and purpose and memories for years to come. Tripping off adrenaline, falling in love. It’s so easy to stumble into us because i fix myself when I fix you. I listen to your heartbeat to listen to the stories you never told because it was a truth too bold for shallow ears to trust. I look into your eyes to see the child that lives inside. Your fountain of youth so much closer then you’ll ever realize. You’ve see enough, felt gentle hands turn rough. Craved love from things too dark to ever grow flowers from. I cradle your shape shifting body like a new born baby, as I use my soothing voice to whisper my sweet nothings needed to fill your head up. Full of lust, full of the words of stuff you wished to hear from someone else. I’ll suffice for a moment as your stress eases to just moments instead of the constant fog that never clears. I’m screaming for your attention can’t you hear, falling in love is easy, it’s the falling out we fear.