The beginning of our Love

Remember when we just started talking? All the sparkles and butterflies we felt All the glowingly memories we shared, Everything felt soo good, Too good to be true. Remember when we found every and any little thing to say, It’s like a ray of sunshine lightning up our days. No space for sadness, no errors, Not even the uninvited sorrow showed it’s face. We were united by our hearts, Words kept us together from the start. Remember how we used to felt how broken one of us felt? It’s like we were connected with just a simple test. A text is all we shared, hundred miles away, yet our love was stronger than just a simple guess. We were one in the beginning We had a bond in the beginning We shared a love storm by the heart We were inseparable from the start We were broken together But we fought for each other Now we are uncertain of our love We are uncertain of our future We are blinded by pain And now, nothing between us feels the same.