Heart Felt Moment (Tears of the Heart)

The Rain came cashing down Adding to my tearful feelings A mixture of every uninvited feelings. Many will try to understand, Many will add to how empty I feel, But none will truly know who am I, No one will see the tears my heart feels. I would give it all A single night for you and I I would be happy if love is meant for me. What does my heart feel! A shadow cast over it, Like the deep blue sea Maybe I’m drowning, or is it all the emptiness I feel. My heart cries out for you While my soul bend on bending knees. Maybe I’m weak to love, Now it got me wondering what is real. Stop for a second.. Listen.. I’m about to let my inside out. I’m about to let my heart speak. Listen carefully, this maybe the last time I allow myself to feel. I’m captivating by your ability to make me feel love. In my heart is where you are, No escape to do wrongs In my mind is where you stand, Guilt tripping me, every time I think of something wrong. If the moon could speak He’ll surely sing to you my song If the sun could see, she’ll surely show you where my heart stands. The thought of you have me crumbling to my feet, A jingling sound turn out to be my heart beat. Maybe I don’t have the right words, to join our soul Maybe I’m too young, yet I feel old Maybe I’m a dying brain with no morals. Maybe I’m a lot of things Just maybe Maybe I know one thing for sure.. I love you, even if our hearts never meet. Té Quíero mi amor❤️