By Frank Lilpoeta Fernandez What is life beyond control We all have a purpose in life to achieve greatness. But life itself cannot be deleted because Life has its own journey to success. Life itself can be remastered into different shapes. Our lives can grow big and dream life beyond imagination island. We have our own cave of life. Some lives can make have an epic effect on us. Life itself can’t be killed. But it can save you But Some people sacrificed their life for us Just like Jesus did for our Bill of sins. Life itself also has a true meaning behind it. Are we destined to be epic. Or Are we going to continue our Adventure to Imagination Island wondering what cave Are we going to enter. It’s funny I have mentioned Imagination Island a lot. We all have our own personal Spiritual Avatar walking around. Testing each cave out because Cave of choices is what we want in life. In the future We keep on trying each door of life That eventually lead into a career. Life itself can’t be turned away. Imagination Island Is my self conscience of open caves of opportunities. Philippians 4:13 We are people with disabilities can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. That is my slogan to Imagination Island.