They are the root cause of Our Lives

A part of me sheds every month, Letting my endometrium cleave , And bearing the terrible menstrual cramps, I manage to stand strong!!But Neither I was allowed to temples nor I was allowed to touch me, Instead I was claimed a impure soul, What was my sin? When a stain of blood is espied on my clothes, Neither they helped me out nor they tried to, Instead cackled at my helpless condition, And claimed me shameless, What was my sin? When in need of sanitary napkin I was always expected to ask in shh-shh tone, And it is given wrapped up, What was need of wrapping it ? When harmful things like alcohol , cigars are sold out informally? Dear people, Menstruation is an nature’s beauty in women’s life, She goes through lot of pain during this phase , Instead of humiliating and blaming Learn to be there for them, Coz They are reason behind your birth.... —-YESHASRI CHENNGOUNI