Fair Maiden

She dances, this fair Maiden dances Barefoot in the garden of life In a gown so beautiful It collects the sun, The captured sun radiates through her long brown hair Her eyes, always focused bright and beautiful Grabbing you, pulling you in Her smile soft, gentle, warm, inviting Oh to dance in those eyes, with that smile When in her arms you will be safe, comforted, warm And in her garden where she dances and waits Is a world of beauty and color, only she can project Flowers bloom on her command And the sun never sleeps, But rests it’s head on wind swept clouds Smiling down on her, with a promise, This beautiful Maiden will always have light on her angelic face, and always dance For this dance of hers will awaken all that sleep And her kiss, Oh what a dream it is to taste her sweet kiss, It will color this dark world For in her kiss, she will pass the sunshine and color, that only this fair Maiden can possess