I live far away from where I am from I am in a different land Across the waters I came for someone special To start a new journey with him Today I start another new journey Unplanned for To stay healthy To live There’s a new enemy a foot Across the world In some places it is everywhere All the nooks and crannies We have been lucky so far Not much is here yet Let’s hope that holds Yet slowly the numbers climb I sit and watch the news where I came from The numbers increasing each day Thousands now Feeling so helpless Watching Yet during this dark time Which feels like a nightmare The planet is healing The skies are cleaner The water becoming clearer Animals walking about Free of their human bonds Dolphins and whales return to the canals of Venice Going where they used to go In a way it’s like a movie Except it’s very real Where I hope and pray for a positive ending For us all For the world Afar