Etch a scar on my skin for every tear that you have cried I can't run away from the pain that i've caused, or that sick feeling of betryal that i embedded in our heart I would sip a thousand drops of hemlock to make it all go away who knows better of the inequities of love gained and love lost than the shattered hopes of the heart, and endless vile of time just needed to make it whole again but yet, I ern for you because you're everything I ever wanted in my life. You're my once upon a time, my happily ever after I take a look at you and sometimes I even think, you're everything I ever wanted to be. I long to hear the sound of your voice, the sensation of your touch and the gleam in youreye. I wish I can turn back time and make everything right. Say one more time how much I loved you, said one more time how beautiful I think you are, how amazing you are and how much I appreciate you I would give my last breathe for you and protect you at any cost, even if it means protecting you from myself