six pm This poem went in a direction I didn't expect it to. I wonder if it's more that you don't 'need' help rather than that maybe you don't want it?

Peaceful War

six pm I like that you kept this in a paragraph of sorts. The shape is contained like a box and it adds to the confessional spirit of the work imo.


six pm A labyrinth of roots and the ideas that blossom and bud.


six pm Your refrains and the following remind me of philosophies that say, 'heaven is here on earth'. And I really like that.

The Land Beyond the Stars

six pm I like your subtle rhyme in maze and made. You have a really nice cadence.

not a maze

six pm With the loss of hope and faith I can see this being a religious metaphor, however, (and I could be projecting) is this about a father figure who walks this plane?

Can you heal me Father?

kragneus 3rdto do with the real world only everything to do with the fallacy of the economic world.